The Sacred Wisdom of the Glagolitic Runes - A Magic Deck of 40 Illustrated Cards

The First Ever Glagolitic Oracle containing lost knowledge, resurrected by Expert Guide Nora Pen.

A Magic Deck of 40 Illustrated Cards. 9th Century Secrets Revealed!
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The First Ever Glagolitic Oracle containing lost knowledge, resurrected by Expert Guide Nora Pen.

A Magic Deck of 40 Illustrated Cards. 9th Century Secrets Revealed!
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About the Magic Cards
The Deck
40 original hand-drawn cards
Magic Cards
The Paper
High-end metallic finish matte paper
Card Deck
The Box
Luxury packaging


Enter the mystical world of "The Glagolitic Oracle" – a deck rich in the ancient wisdom of Slavic tradition. Each card, sized 10x14 cm, is meticulously crafted from premium-quality paper, offering a tactile experience that speaks to the spirit. Adorned with delicate golden elements and gilded edges, these 40 cards sparkle with divine beauty, beckoning explorers to unlock the mysteries of the Glagolitic symbols.

With a sleek matte metal finish, each card of the deck features the enigmatic Glagolitic symbol, infused with a hidden significance that echoes age-old wisdom. As you shuffle the deck and select your cards, you'll sense the profound energy of ancient knowledge guiding you on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.
Magic Cards
Magic Cards
Magic Cards
Magic Cards
Magic Cards


History of the deck
Created by Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Glagolitic script emerged in the 9th century as an ancient blessed alphabet, utilized to channel divine speech.
The sacred symbols and elusive forms hold stories from a magical time, intertwining spiritual wisdom into the Slavic heritage's tapestry. Embedded in manuscripts and etched in stone, The Glagolitic Script’s arcane essence remains a timeless testament to an ancient realm of linguistic and spiritual enchantment. The card deck weaves historical tales into modern guidance, offering more than just cards—it's a testament to the power of Glagolitic symbols, inviting seekers to find clarity and wisdom.

How to use the Magic Card Deck

· In an arrangement, with the help of which you can find solace for your inner worries.
· To ask a specific, clear, timely, and important question to you.
· To confirm that you are on the right path in your spiritual journey.
How to use the deck
· For guidance and advice on the path of your personal and spiritual transformation.
· For self-healing and healing from negative attitudes and patterns.
How to use the deck
· For meditation, contemplation, and prayer.
· For creative expression or meditation, through drawing, and poetry.
· To make a Glagolitic talisman.
How to use the deck

Design of the Magic Cards

The Front

At the front of each card, discover a captivating blend of elements: a Glagolitic symbol, card number, name, affirmation, and mystical imagery.

Unlock layers of spiritual wisdom and self-discovery with Nora Pen's insightful guidance in the accompanying book.

Journey alongside diverse characters and symbolic animals like the Lion, Eagle, and Peacock.
The front of the card
The back of the card


“When making the cards, I was very keen on creating a card back that was both impactful and inspiring.

For this, in the center, in the heart of the card shines a Golden Embossed Sun— a symbol of Divine Energy, Joy, and Pure Divine Light.

It is surrounded by 4 Angel Wings. 4 is a very special number. The cards themselves are exactly 40 in number. I’ve always associated angel wings with the testament of Saint Constantine Cyril the Philosopher - the creator of the Glagolitic Letters. He was a Monk, Angel-like, Pure, and Uncorrupted by the Earthly, a Cherubim rather than a man. It is no coincidence that behind the Glagolitic letter Ⱈ "HER" - we find the CHERUB, the Pure Divine Light.

Around the center of the map, the Sun, I have positioned, again, the 4th CIRCLE, in which the two Glagolitic signs are placed. They symbolize the way, the truth, and the life - The Son of God. His initials ⰋⰔ spell “Jesus Christos.” The first sign "IZHE" Ⰻ represents the downward path of the soul or involution. The second sign is ⱄ, called "WORD" and symbolizes the upward path of the soul or evolution.”

The Author

Introducing our visionary creator Nora Pen: a philosopher by education, a teacher by profession, and a spiritualist by calling.

Nora's profound expertise in sacred knowledge and magic guides the creation of our deck, inspired by her unique interpretation of the Glagolitic script.

Discover a new world of truth as her mystical deck called.

Nora’s guidebook will give you a detailed explanation of the secrets behind every card. 

Alongside her online esoteric platform, Nora is the acclaimed author of two novels, "N:9" and "BUKI," delving deep into the mysteries of Glagolitic letters. Stay tuned for her upcoming release, "Glagolitic Name Book", coming out in 2024.
Nora Pen

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